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Frequently asked questions

Does Tempo work on a PC?

No. Tempo is built for Apple users. Currently we only offer a Mac desktop app and the iOS companion app is coming soon.

Can I purchase a company license?

We don’t currently offer license keys in the checkout but we can setup custom company deals. Contact us and tell us more about your needs.

Do you support IMAP?

Not yet. Currently Tempo works ontop of Gmail. IMAP support for iCloud, Outlook and Mail is on our roadmap.

Can I switch from a monthly to yearly plan?

We’d love you to! When you’re ready simply select the annual option in the subscriptions preferences panel and your account will be updated for the next calendar month.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and use Paddle to process payments the same provider. You will receive digital invoices by email based on your subscription schedule.

What happens if I cancel?

After your subscription expires you will still have access to all your emails through your gmail accounts. Subscriptions automatically renew until cancelled.

Is pricing including VAT?

Yes. Where applicable VAT will be shown during checkout.