The email client that
helps you focus
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Available for Mac (Windows, iOS & Android coming soon).
Exclusively support for Gmail & Google Apps.
Step 1 — Sort your inbox

Take control of your inbox

Don’t let the constant stream of interruptions mess up with your work. Sort through new mail in batches, marking important messages as To do and archiving or snoozing the rest.

  • Sort new mail only when it fits your schedule
  • Mark as to do, snooze for later or archive
  • 140 character quick reply
  • One click unsubscribe
Focus sort inbox feature in the Tempo desktop email client
Step 2 — go through your to do's

Your work,
chosen by you

Your Workspace is your home in Tempo, giving you direct access to all the mails you've marked as To do, undisturbed from the incoming chaos.

  • Keep new and unsorted mail out of view
  • Don’t lose important messages to the inbox chaos
  • Mark important threads as VIP to get instant notifications
The workspace in Tempo gives you direct access to all the mails that you’ve marked to tackle later on
Step 3 — One thing at a time

Focus when you need it

Tempo is designed to help you get things done. When it’s time, hit the focus button to enter the distraction free focus mode.

  • Auto-advance to next message with each action
  • Full screen
Concentrate on your emails and todos in full screen view and with a minimalist design
Tempo animations to celebrate when you’re done with email work
Step 4 — Be done with email

100% love
0% addiction

Tempo supports you in getting to the bottom of your To do list – and be done with it. Our most important work happens outside of our email clients after all.

  • Designed to fit your schedule
  • Build deliberate and healthy habits

Coming soon

Always on and instantly available, at the office as well as at home with friends or family. Mobile is the worst possible place for email in our opinion.

Don’t expect your standard mobile email client.

A minimalist mobile email app is coming soon and it will look as clean and crisp as the desktop one
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Tempo is free for the period of the beta. Once we launch mobile, we’ll be out of beta.

We’re charging to keep the lights on without having to rely on ads, selling data or eventually even selling the company.