Owner's manual



Why do we have to pay for Tempo?

Our goal is to build an independent company that can sustain itself by providing a great product and a great service to users. The reality of free products is simple: either they end up selling your data or selling the company to return investor money. And we really don't want to do either of that.

Would you sell the company?

Over the past years, we have seen many email clients launch, get bought, then disappear. We want to build a product that can be self-sustainable and remain an independent company in the process.

Support & Platforms

Where can I submit feedback or ask a question?

You can either submit bugs and feature requests via this form, send us a DM on Twitter, or pester Anna.

Which email platforms/providers do you support?

Currently, just Gmail and Google Workspaces. But, we're working towards supporting more providers and IMAP. You can also suggest your preferred email provider here: https://airtable.com/shrlU1jlyuUHJA1OU

When will the Android app launch?

We are currently working on making the iOS app feature complete. Once that is done, we'll work on Android.
If you like to be a tester, please leave your details through the link below and we'll invite you as soon as it is available.

Do you plan on developing an app for the iPad?

Currently, mobile has our priority. We have definitely given an iPad app some thought, but have not made a decision yet on whether it will be next. If you'd like us to prioritize the iPad app then please leave your details here: https://airtable.com/shru2N6QkUdIbhi3K

How about support for Windows/Linux?

We'd love to support it in the future, but it's not right around the corner. You can suggest your platform of choice through the following form and help us prioritize which platform we should support next. https://airtable.com/shru2N6QkUdIbhi3K

Why is there no web app?

We don't want Tempo to become one of your dozen open browser tabs. By keeping Tempo in your MacOS dock, you can quickly access it when it suits you, but easily hide it when you have other stuff to focus on.

Working with Tempo

Why bother archiving email?

Archiving efficiently removes it from your inbox, creating more clarity. But archiving doesn't remove your mail forever. You can always find archived messages via the more dropdown menu or by using the search.

When I am writing a reply, how do I quickly switch between Reply and Reply all?

Right by To, you'll see a small caret arrow that allows you to select between Reply and Reply All quickly.

Why can't I change the From address when replying?

You can only switch between an account and the connected aliases to that account, but not between accounts. For example: Let's say you have two Google accounts connected to Tempo. Account A with no alias, and account B with one alias. You now receive a message on account B. You will not be able to reply with account A but you are able to reply through the alias of account B.


Where is the Delete button?

The Tempo interface uses stacked buttons. If you hold down Alt, you can alternate between Archive and Delete. But, once an email has been deleted, it's gone.

Can I un-send an email?

Once you've sent an email, you'll notice a notification appear in the bottom left of Tempo during the sending process. If you decide to cancel, click the notification and the sending email will be canceled and moved to your Drafts list. But be quick, you only have a window of five seconds to cancel.

Is there a "Send later" feature?

Truth be told, we once had this feature, but we had to remove it. Having said that, we aim to reinstate it in the future.

Are you doing a dark mode?

Definitely on our bucket list. Challenge: most HTML emails are on white backgrounds, which creates this terrible white-on-black+black-on-white text combo, which is super uncomfortable to switch between. Perhaps we could force a pure text mode with it. Anyhow, it's coming at some point.

What about read receipts?

We feel that the current way of doing it is too invasive. We want to do it the Tempo ethical way, that's if we do it at all.

Can I change fonts?

No, you can't. We keep the styling options to the bare essentials. The mono-space font in Tempo is used to communicate that it is a "work in progress," but Tempo does not set a font-face for the emails you send. When the recipient reads your email, it'll be shown in their default font-face set by their email client.

Do you have a public roadmap?

To stay up-to-date on everything Tempo, subscribe to our newsletter, and/or follow us on Twitter.

Does Tempo have a calendar?

Something we'd love to implement in the future, but it's not around the corner.

Can I add inline attachments?

Not at the moment, but it's on our to-do list for this year.


Can you my read my emails?

No! All email communication goes directly between your computer and the Gmail API. Your Gmail access tokens as well as your cached mail are stored locally on your machine. No message content touches our servers.

What data are you tracking?

As we aim to be as transparent as possible, you can find out more about what data we're tracking over on our Privacy & Tracking page.