Currently only supporting Gmail & Google Apps
Coming soon for iOS & Android

Take control of your time

Email, when you want it

Tempo delivers all email in Batches around a customizable schedule, giving you control of when you get notified to sort through everything new.

Effortlessly sort your inbox, marking everything that needs your attention as To do, then archiving the rest.

  • No more disruptive notifications
  • New email delivered in Batches
  • Fully customizable notification schedule
  • Reply on the spot with Quick reply
  • Unsubscribe to newsletters with one click
Focus sort inbox feature in the Tempo desktop email client

Dedicated space for what's important

Everything marked as To do is set-aside, neatly stacked for a clearer overview of what's important to you. Then just reply in your own time.

  • Never lose track of important email
  • Mark threads as VIP to get notified as soon as a new reply comes through
Focus sort inbox feature in the Tempo desktop email client

Pause the noise and savor communicating your thoughts. Sometimes it's more than “just an email.”

Focus Mode: For when you need it

Tempo is designed to help you focus on the things that matter. When it's time to respond to your To dos, enter Focus Mode and leisurely reply one by one, free from distractions.

Focus sort inbox feature in the Tempo desktop email client

There is more to Tempo...


Something important, but now's not the time? Set a Reminder to never forget an email, keeping your Inbox and your To do list clutter-free. Revisit them at any time via the Reminders tab.


No overly complicated editor options disrupting your focus.

Simple and clean for a calmer, rewarding writing experience.

Privacy first

Email is private, both in a personal and professional context. We do not have access to your mail; we simply supply the tool for you to manage it.

You pay for Tempo with money, not your personal data or information.

VIP threads

Waiting for an important reply from a client, lecturer...friend?

Mark a thread as VIP and get notified instantly when a reply hits your inbox.


coming soon

Always on and instantly available, at the office, as well as at home with friends or family. In our opinion, email on mobile needs to be rethought.

Don’t expect your standard email app.

What others say

I tried out Tempo (email client) this morning. It’s pretty amazing how it guides you into healthy and productive email behavior without feeling restrictive. Well done!

[Free while in beta] @your__tempo
6:29 PM · Feb 24, 2020
Just discovered @your__tempo
 and it is sooooo good. As if someone read my mind on what email should look like (Superhuman didn't). Plug-n-play with Gmail also great.
1:02 PM · Feb 18, 2020
Just got access to @your__tempo and i'm already loving their approach to email. Focus mode looks great and actually helps me focus & work in a mindful, productive way. Also, it really looks great.
4:23 PM · Jun 3, 2019

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Supporting Gmail & Google Apps. For now.

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